Three steps to sell your services at the end of your keynote presentation?

Keynote speakers can double their speaking engagement fee through selling other products and services. Whether that’s live online and self paced training courses, books, or one-on-one coaching, being able to cross and up-sell services at the end of a keynote presentation is lucrative. But it doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and it’s not always easy. So here’s some advice on how to sell your service at the end of your keynote presentation.

With Permission

If you’ve been booked by a speakers bureau, like Saxtons and ICMI then it’s likely your contractually obligated to not spruik your services. Understandably, bureaus don’t like you hard selling to their customers, and even if they did, they’d want a cut. So before you start showing promotional QR codes or handing out pamphlets, be sure that you’ve got permission. You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you.


If you’re going to promote additional services, make sure your audience is clear on what exactly you’re offering. If it’s a free ‘value add’ service, then make that clear. If it’s a paid service, don’t surprise your audience like a Amway salesman, by springing a fee on them at the last minute. Clarity will ensure your don’t anger your potential customers.


And when you do ask for business, don’t be shy. The word ‘sales’ can be a dirty word in some circles, but sounding apprehensive when promoting your services will only serve to lessen your personal brand. Remember that you’ve been asked to speak because of your expertise. Ignore any imposter syndrome voices and let your audience know that there is a ‘What’s Next?’ step.

Covid-19 has decimated the keynote speaking industry, and being able to complement your keynote speaking income is totally understandable. Just be clear, confident…and get that permission first!