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The holy grail of coaching and training is to create Self-Paced Learning Programs that make money while you sleep. According to Global Markets Insights Inc, the global eLearning market will reach a staggering US$325 billion By 2025. You absolutely need to be part of this burgeoning opportunity. 

But there are two major hurdles facing keynote speakers who want to leverage their expertise and create Self-Paced Learning Programs - time and technical expertise. Most keynote speakers are flat out, focusing on consulting, live workshops, or their next book. And even when they do have time, many are overwhelmed by the multitude of online learning platforms on which to host, as well as the conversion from a hands-on 'analog' coaching model to a 'digital' self-paced learning structure.

Seriously, who has the time?! Keynote to Coach does! Here's what we did for speaker, Steve van Aperen:

Steve van Aperen

Steve van Aperen

'The Human Lie Detector'
Keynote Speaker

I conduct over 50 keynote presentations to between 5000 to 10,000 attendees around the world per year. I always wanted to create a post-keynote Master Class course, but lacked both the time and knowledge of building a comprehensive and engaging program that would complement my keynotes. Morry’s ‘Keynote to Coach’ solved that problem.

Steve van Aperen's 12 coaching modules were converted into a complete online Self-Paced Learning Program, and are now made available to audiences immediately after his keynote presentations - whether they be virtual or in person. A QR code or URL link is all that's necessary to push keynote audiences online, and generate thousands of dollar annually without additional work. 

Each of Steve van Aperen's modules were based on the STEPE methodology, and include embedded video, audio, links and white papers. What's more, Steve receives alerts when answers are provided by users, meaning he can engage with his clients in real time, building rapport and also providing an opportunity to cross sell to other programs or upcoming events. Plus, Keynote to Coach hosts all online modules, ensuring Steve doesn't have to worry about management and maintenance. 

Sales people can use an online Self-Paced Learning Program as an attractive sales funnel, and keynote speakers can use it to gain more revenue. In short, it's a great way to leverage your existing relationships and make more money!

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Self-Paced Learning program with Steve van Aperen

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