Differentiate yourself as a keynote speaker

The keynote speaking circuit is competitive, and those speakers who can differentiate themselves get the business. By offering complementary follow-up master classes and self-paced learning programs that continue the journey, you’ll not only win business, but add a lucrative revenue stream in the process. 

This was the need of Anoushka Gungadin, cultural intelligence and leadership expert and keynote speaker. Her speaking engagements were popular, but many of the participants were asking 'what's next?'. The solution was Keynote to Coach's STEPE method. "I've got over 15 years of training experience, but honestly didn't have the time or the technical skill to turn my in-person keynote presentation programs into more structured Master Classes and Self-Paced Learning Courses." An audit and one and a half hour consult later with Keynote to Coach's founder, Morry Morgan, Anoushka now has a structured online and offline courses, which she combines with her traditional training, or provides as a complementary value added deal-maker. She even generates money in her sleep!

Generating revenue in your sleep

The 'holy grail' of keynote speaking is creating a self-paced learning program that makes money while you sleep. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, since it involves a thorough understanding of adult learning methodologies and the supporting technology. Keynote to Coach has mastered both aspects. Founder Morry Morgan has been working in the training and development space since 2001, and has built literally hundreds of adult learning programs, ranging from leadership, project management, presentation skills, and even stand-up comedy! He's also worked in the e-learning and digital transformation space, with unique skills in video production, podcasting, design and copy writing. He's therefore competent in taking your theories and converting them into scalable, digital courses that can be sold globally - while you sleep. 

Standing out from the crowd

Very few keynote speakers today sell comprehensive Master Class or Self-Paced Learning Courses, and for one very obvious reason. Keynote speakers rarely come from a training background. They are sports stars, olympians, business leaders, authors and summit conquerers. Understanding the adult learning principles is yet another skill set, which means it's an opportunity to stand-out from the crowd. "I use my newly developed STEPE training modules to both complement my keynotes and also provide continuous learning for those customers who want more. I use these modules in both live and self-paced learning training settings, and I know for a fact that it's this follow-up that helps me secure my initial keynote presentations."

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