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When keynote speakers are not on stage, they should be building Master Classes. Master classes answer the 'what's next' question asked by audiences. Master Classes also allow you to dive deeper into your area of expertise, transferring skills, rather than just knowledge, to participants. Ultimately having a library of Master Class courses, that can be delivered virtually or in person, provide all keynote speakers with a secondary revenue stream. 

Here's how Keynote to Coach helps you build your Master Class:


Our Keynote to Coach consultant will review your existing Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Adobe PDF presentation slides. Alternatively, if you don't have a slide deck, we will review your filmed presentation. 

A comprehensive audit is conducted, identifying specific content that will fall into the STEPE methodology which in turn allows the creation of modules.


A typical 45 minute keynote presentation will elicit between 6 to 12 potential STEPE modules. Our Keynote to Coach designer will then create a draft design, based your existing website, slide decks and other corporate identity. 

Once this design is agreed upon, it will be transferred to the module's PowerPoint slides, PDF and, if requested, an online course for Self-Paced Learning


At the end of the process, you'll have a series of modules, structured under the STEPE methodology, that can be used in live virtual training and coaching sessions, in-person within a training room environment, or even as a Self-Paced Learning Course, which can money while you sleep.

Plus, we host and manage your online course and transfer your sales directly to your bank account monthly.


Steve van Aperen

'The Human Lie Detector'
Keynote Speaker

I conduct over 50 keynote presentations to between 5000 to 10,000 attendees around the world per year. I always wanted to create a post-keynote Master Class course, but lacked both the time and knowledge of building a comprehensive and engaging program that would complement my keynotes. Morry’s ‘Keynote to Coach’ solved that problem.


Steve van Aperen's course, 'The Art of Deception', was created from his standard keynote speech. A total of 12 modules, each using the STEPE methodology, were extracted from his PowerPoint slides and videos of his previous presentations. Steve committed 1.5 hours of his time, per module, to brief the Keynote to Coach consultant, ensuring the content was accurate, relevant and presented to his liking. 

Design, video editing, layout and final creation of Steve van Aperen's PowerPoint slides and PDF trainee workbooks were created by the Keynote to Coach team, saving Steve literally hundreds of hours - plus the headache. 

Furthermore, each of Steve van Aperen's modules link directly to his online course, allowing his participants to continue learning after any in-person or virtual live keynote presentation session is over.


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