How do I increase my fees as a keynote speaker?

Many keynote speakers make the same mistake when trying to increase keynote speaking fees. They offer to extend the length of the talk. But that can be a disservice, to both the speaker and the client. After all, David Nihill in his Inc. Magazine article titled, ‘How Long Should Your Talk Be? Shorter Than You Think’ says, we humans switch off “at around the ten-minute mark.” If you can’t get your point across in 45 minutes, what extra value to you add in an hour?

It’s all about adding true value. Which is?

Post-keynote coaching

Your 45 minute speech might motivate, but it’s not going to create lasting change in your audience. This is the benefit of coaching, either online or in person.

Steve van Aperen, known in the media as ‘The Human Lie Detector’ is one such keynote speaker who was leaving money on the table. This became obvious when Steve returned from the United Arab Emirates after speaking to an audience of over 600, and received dozens of emails upon returning to Melbourne asking for follow up.

“Now I have a 12 part self paced course with activities, examples and feedback. But back then, all I could do was offer was a video of myself from a previous presentation that was similar to the topic I had just delivered. Sim

Self-paced learning

What’s better than making money? Making money while you sleep! A self paced learning program, which follows the STEPE method ensure your training is just as good without you being either physically or virtually live, teaching the course.